Why learn first aid?

Hello and welcome to our free online basic first aid course!

This first module will introduce you to some basic first aid principles. But firstly let's answer the question, why learn first aid?

A knowledge of basic first aid can make the difference between life and death. A brief glance at some statistics from around the world shows why:

  • Every year 735,000 people suffer a heart attack in the USA
  • Road traffic accidents are one of the top ten causes of death worldwide, in Europe around 30,000 people die from road traffic accidents each year

However, its not all doom & gloom. Knowing basic first aid techniques can be lifesaving in the first few minutes of a medical emergency as the following inspirational video shows:



Finally, we believe first aid is an important lifeskill. A first aid qualification can help enhance your CV and open up job opportunities. 

If you enjoy this online course we strongly recommend you attend a hands-on first aid training session from a local training provider.

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John Furst

JOHN FURST is an experienced emergency medical technician and qualified first aid & CPR instructor. John is passionate about first aid and believes everyone should have the skills and confidence to take action in an emergency situation.

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