CPR Certification in New York City

This article tackles some of the questions about getting CPR certification in NYC.

 With only 2% of cardiac arrest victims surviving in New York City, it is easy to see why organizations are pushing CPR certification. NYC is a huge area and people cannot rely solely on the emergency services to be there should someone fall ill and suffer a cardiac arrest. The EMT could get caught in traffic and those vital seconds lost could mean that the victim dies.

People wrong believe that a sudden cardiac arrest automatically leads to death. Sometimes people will die even after being treated with CPR and an AED. But there are also many fatalities that could be prevented if more bystanders knew the basics involved in cardiac resuscitation and went to the aid of the casualty.

What has NYC done to try to reduce the numbers dying from sudden cardiac death?

The NYC City Council passed Local Law 20 back in 2005 which made it a legal requirement for certain business, parks, ferries and golf courses to provide public access to AEDs as well as people properly trained in their use. The statistics show that the early use of an automated defibrillator significantly increases the victim’s chance of recovery. These Laws are very specific regarding what is expected and includes things like having a written plan outlining who is responsible for checking the AED is in working order as well as stating the type and date of CPR training last received by those trained in the use of these devices.

Can you get combined CPR and AED training in NYC?

Yes of course. Most CPR training providers will automatically include training on AED devices as part of their course but you should always check before you book a class.

Can you get free CPR certification NYC classes?

Yes it is possible to get trained in CPR for free. The New York City Fire Department runs CPR courses to try to encourage normal citizens to gain this life saving skill. The class will last about an hour and the fire department unit will visit a location of your choice. It cannot be a private residence but you can use a park, gym, school hall etc. If you have problems finding a venue the fire department may be able to help.

Will I gain CPR certification at NYC free classes?

Not at this time. These mobile units were set up with the intention of getting as many people as possible trained in basic CPR. In fact the class ends with each participant being given a take home CPR training kit including a blow up mannequin so that they can give their friends and family lessons on these basic life staving skills.

Don’t let the fact that the classes are free put you off. While you won’t get your certification, all of the fire department instructors are American heart association certified so the quality of the training will be excellent. They offer these classes in English or Spanish.

How big does a group need to be to qualify for instruction by the NYC fire department mobile CPR training unit?

The preferred size is a minimum of six participants and a maximum of twenty subject to the venue being big enough to accommodate these numbers. The fire department instructors are happy to return to the same venue over and over to train more people. They are totally committed to reducing the numbers of New Yorkers and tourists visiting our city that suffer a sudden cardiac death.

What are the requirements to gain CPR certification in NYC?

When it comes to CPR certification NYC requirements are the same as elsewhere. You need to be old enough to act on the instructions and possess the body strength to be capable of doing chest compressions properly. So long as you meet these criteria you should be welcome at any CPR certification NYC class. You can obtain certification with whatever organization you prefer but most employers will favor those who qualify at either the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

If you opt for this training your CPR certificate will be valid for a period of two years although you are advised to go on refresher courses or at the very least watch some videos on CPR to keep your skills current.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that the NYC fire department gives CPR courses. To be honest, I was completely unaware of this! In my opinion, I feel it’s important for people to receive a CPR certification. Who knows when an emergency will arise where this skill is needed.

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